Video Analysis 

New small group video analysis sessions

We believe the best way to identify areas for stroke correction is through video analysis. By filming from different angles above and below the water we can assess each swimmer, provide individual video footage plus written feedback from Lido Mike (level 3 swim coach) together with guidance and drills to practise that are specific to the areas needing improvement.

“I went to Streamline swims for a video analysis session  I knew I would get targeted and constructive advice to improve my stroke and with 3 weeks until the Isoman middle (5.6k swim, 50k bike, 21k run) I didn’t want my swim section to leave me in pain. Mike’s video and subsequent analysis provide 3 key things to focus on and some good drills and within just 1 week I am swimming faster, better and pain free. 100% recommend this service especially to swimmers who feel they have plateaued and want to get that little bit faster or just enjoy their swim again” Lois Barmby, Windrush Triathlon Club 

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“After thirty eight years of attempting to swim front crawl Mike taught me the correct stroke and how to breathe in only three sessions.” 

Tina McKenzie

“Mike and Sarah are very supportive.

They really know their stuff. 

Jessica Harneyford