An experienced open water specialist providing high quality swim coaching…Mike has a wealth of knowledge and expertise…” SwimTrek 2010


Thanks so much for a fantastic trip and superb training. Jemma and Arthur, February 2016

Another wonderful week – you are both so thoughtful. Emma, February 2016

Thanks sooo much for organising. You are a very special couple with such positive energy that is infectious. Thank you. Tina February 2016

Thanks for an amazing holiday…yet again I can see improvements ….it was a dream holiday, swimming, friends and sun. Helen, February 2016

Thank you so much for an amazing week. I feel great just sorry that it all has to end…Thanks for all your hard work and support. Louise, February 2016

Thanks Sarah and Mike – what a fab week, I feel exhausted (in a very good way). Jackie, February 2016

The location was fantastic and the coaching was first class. I gained confidence and improved my technique whilst making new friends and having a great holiday. I’d highly recommend it. Fiona G February 2015

I had a brilliant time on the Lanzarote trip, my swimming improved no end thanks to Mike and Sarah’s well planned swimming tuition, the facilities at La Santa are fantastic and had a great laugh with everyone. Would highly recommend this trip to all.

Laura D London Feb 2015

The Lanzarote swim trip exceeded my expectations. Considering myself a beginner, I was worried my fellow swimmers would all be pros and that I would feel intimidated, or worse hold others back. But I needn’t have worried. Mike and Sarah made sure that everyone’s needs were met and all sessions were friendly and inclusive. I particularly appreciated being part of the group, while being given coaching and challenges at my level. I really enjoyed the opportunities for open water swimming and in the sea and the lagoon. All in all it was a great mix of hard work and fun.

Sharon E. February 2015

Lanzarote was a great trip. Such a nice place to stay with lots of activities on offer and a lovely group of people to train with. We all improved our swimming with coaching from Mike & Sarah and the video feedback was particularly useful.

Laura Y Feb 2015

The week in Lanzarote was both challenging and refreshing.  Mike and Sarah are great enthusiasts of all the activities on offer, and we sampled everything from Tai chi to spinning and windsurfing!  Club La Santa is a lovely resort on a beautiful island, and Mike and Sarah organised several adventures to discover the islands other shores.  Mid winter is the perfect time to go, and the camaraderie of the Streamline Swims group makes for a very special holiday!

Inge L. London Feb 2015


I just wanted to thank you both again for a lovely weekend. It was a really special experience to be part of the group. I’d never swam that far before in the pool, never mind the sea, and it was great to feel supported and encouraged to push myself and also enjoy the experience! Thanks for all your hard work making it all possible.

Gotta turn my thoughts to the Dart 10km. Yikes!

Charlotte July 2015

“Really enjoyable weekend on the Dorset coast organised by Mike and Sarah. Lovely swims inc a 3.8k race and a delightful trip to Durdle Door. Super relaxed atmosphere and a lovely group of people. Couldn’t recommend it more.” Jack Travers 2015

“I had a brilliant weekend down in Dorset with a lovely group of swimmers. Mike and Sarah made everyone feel welcome, and relaxed about the Sunday morning 3.8km (or was it really 4?!) swim. Good pointers in the acclimatisation swim and pre-race, well-organised weekend with great company!” Lisa Colley 2015


I recently went to Turkey for a week with Mike and Sarah and had one of the best weeks of open water swimming ever! Chris P London 2016

It was a fantastic holiday, thanks so much, I loved it. Dan H London 2016

I cannot fault the trip to Turkey in any way – it is my annual therapy without which, I would be a mere shadow of myself. Thank you Mike and Sarah for making it, not only possible, but amazing! Inge Laursen 2016

Thanks again for such a wonderful holiday, I can’t wait until next year! Michele Jensen 2016

My trip to Turkey was THE best swimming holiday I have been on (and I’ve been on a few!). It had the perfect balance of swimming, relaxation and laughter’ Jackie O’Farrell 2015

‘Best swimming trip ever!’ Jenny Landreth  2015

A week of all of my favourite things. Yoga by the pool, breakfasts in the sun, long swims in the deliciously warm sea. We lazed on the wonderfully comfortable gullet, and ate freshly caught fish for lunch, barbecued on the boat. Then followed more lazing, more swimming and cocktails at sunset. It was all organised perfectly by the incredibly warm, calm, can’t do enough for you couple that is Mike and Sarah. It’s like heaven on earth. Be warned, you won’t want to come home. Jenny F Sheffield October 2014

This trip was incredible – Mike & Sarah had planned everything to the letter. The villa was beautiful, the boat was amazing (with genuinely mouth watering lunches) and I can’t think of a more glorious place to swim. I’m already booked for next year! Sheetal Newcastle October 2014

Channel Swim Training

“I could not have achieved my goal of completing an English Channel swim in August 2014 without the dedicated coaching provided by Mike at Streamline Swims. He corrected my technique, improved my fitness and built my confidence as a marathon swimmer through pool sessions, cross training and accompanying me on progressively longer open water swims. His commitment to my challenge was amazing, often going beyond what I would have expected. His support on the pilot boat will never be forgotten. Mike’s passion for swimming and the overall well being of the athlete is what makes his approach special. Thank you Mike!!!”
Simon Fullerton Solo Channel swim 2014

“We made it! 16hrs 14mins we were incredibly lucky with the weather, we had near perfect conditions. Thank you for all your help…. Mike helped us complete our qualifying swim in Dover Harbour, as well as giving us a bit of coaching in Brockwell Lido. We’d highly recommend Mike for anyone in the South East that’s interested in building up open water experience.”
Rachel and Alex

Lake training

“Thank you SO much for an absolutely wonderful day – the swim, the lake, the weather, the delicious cake, the company – it all could not have been better. I know you’re not responsible for the weather, but then again maybe you are – you certainly worked magic for us all today.” Dawn K London 2015

This gives me an opportunity to say what an informative and enjoyable session we had today at the Lake. Such good value for so much learning!

Bev, for your information, is elated, and looking forward to getting back in the lake. Our husbands are looking like potential new recruits to Streamline Swims next season too. All good!

Fiona M. London June 2015

Hi Mike, thanks for Sunday Lake training was really good and nice pics. Sarah G London June 2015

Really enjoyed today and hoping to persuade my triathletes to give it a go – felt like we learnt a lot (I particularly like the cool way of getting around the buoy!) Cath L London June 2015

Thanks again for everything yesterday; really useful. Jonathan D London June 2015

121 Swim Coaching and Fit Swim (group swim fitness and technique)

I went to Mike as an adult beginner. I never learned to swim as a child and although I’d tried to learn to swim around 10 years ago as an adult, I never got anywhere and remained extremely scared of being in water too deep to stand up in and generally uncomfortable in a swimming pool.

I started taking lessons with Mike in October 2022 after a friend recommended him and I took almost weekly lessons until the end of November. I’ve then had less frequent lessons in February and March 2023 as I had to deal with a couple of bouts of winter flu/COVID.

Over easter I went for a swim and covered a total distance of 1000m, so 40 lengths of a 25m pool. There were breaks after every four lengths sure, but compared to where I was around six months ago I am completely astounded at the progress I’ve seen and while I’ve obviously put in a lot of work myself, I simply could not have done this without Mike.

In our lessons Mike was encouraging, clear and just an utterly nice person. I was so nervous about learning to swim as an adult, especially with a “proper swim coach”, but he put me at ease and made a huge effort to help me with my confidence in the water.

I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made: I’ve developed a new life skill, reduced (drastically) my nervousness of being in deep water and have got an enormous sense of achievement from going from 1 length to 5, 5 to 10, 10 to 20 and then onwards. Frankly my only regret is I didn’t take lessons with Mike years ago.

I cannot recommend Mike highly enough. If you’re reading this and you’re a beginner too, don’t hesitate about contacting Mike (or Sarah, who is always extremely nice too!) and taking lessons, I sincerely believe you won’t regret it. Paul May 2023

I had a 121 with Mike and reduced my 100m splits by approx 10secs! Top trainer and great guy. Ian Barrett June 2017

I had three 1 to 1 sessions with ‘Lido Mike’ and it dramatically improved my technique. I felt completely at ease, there was no judgment, just a willingness to get me to the best of my ability within the time frame available. Cannot recommend enough and will be seeking out group lessons to continue improvement in the future. Anneka Dew June 2017

Thanks for the lesson today, it was great. Claire and Hugh May 2017

Thank you for the lesson yesterday. I have had a couple of lessons/classes over the past 6 months and it was head and shoulders above them so I am really keen to book another couple of lessons. Daniel Tedman May 2017

I have really enjoyed coming to the sessions over the last couple of years , thank you so much for being such great coaches. Tom Broomfield May 2017

The brilliant pair of Mike and Sarah are expert, insightful and friendly, helping you improve technique, stamina and fitness with a cheerful smile and a deft bit of advice, no matter what your swimming level. The spring and summer swimfit classes at Brockwell Lido are a fantastic way to push yourself, but include swimmers from serious triathletes to relative newbies like me, without anyone suffering (too much…they do work you hard!), while the one-on-one sessions certainly helped me go from incompetent front crawler, to the point where I’m fine-tuning technique and regularly swimming 1-2km. Couldn’t recommend them more. Michael Wharley 2016

I have been going to Mike and Sarah’s sessions for about 3 years and have absolutely loved every one! They are so supportive and my technique has really improved because of them. Each session is different and challenging and they mix it up depending on if we are in Brockwell in the summer or a smaller pool in winter. Everyone that attends the sessions are lovely too! Gabbriella Gentlecore 2016

I’ve been going to Swimfit on Wednesday evenings at Brockwell for three years now. Mike and Sarah clearly put thought into planning the hour long session, and cater for every level. They spend time on technical drills as well as programmes designed to improve your fitness. Over the three years my overall fitness, technique and speed have greatly improved, as has my confidence I couldn’t recommend their sessions highly enough and have met some really nice people. Susannah Sandhu 2016

My fitness and speed have noticeably improved in just four weeks. I just didn’t realise how much I wasn’t pushing myself on my own until I did a group training session. Mike and Sarah are super-friendly and will learn your name straightaway and even look pleased to see you! Encouraging and inspiring. I’m about to book some 1:1 lessons and am fantasising about a swimming holiday… Lucy Carter 2016

Really looking forward to getting back to training with Mike and Sarah at Streamline Swims. Fun sessions, tangible improvements to my stroke and fitness, and fantastic people. Catrin Rowlands 2016

Fantastic one 2 one sessions if you need to brush up on technique and breathing, and need a bit of encouraging. Really personable service as well! Charlotte Endecott 2016

Wanted to thank you for your help. Amazing tips and hints and I loved it! Totally hooked! Charlotte Endecotte London 2016

Thanks Mike for the lesson yesterday. Great to have someone tell me where I am going right and where I am going wrong. Good to have something new to practice in the pool. Highly recommended. Tim Sutton London 2013

“I’m not usually quick to recommend people, but on this occasion I can happily do so – I thoroughly recommend Mike – he’s very good. Only a couple of lessons with him made a huge difference to my front crawl. I couldn’t do half a length of the Lido before my first lesson. Four weeks later (after 3 lido lessons and 1 open water session) I managed the 1500m in open water in the London triathlon. This was all down to Mike sorting out my breathing (in a very short space of time). Not only is Mike a really nice bloke and a good teacher his rates are affordable too.”

Nigel Hood London 2014

Thanks for the lessons, I really enjoy it.

Linda C London July 2015

“I went back to Streamline swims for a video analysis having been a client at the start of my OW swimming journey a few years ago. I knew I would get targeted and constructive advice to improve my stroke and with 3 weeks until the Isoman middle (5.6k swim, 50k bike, 21k run) I didn’t want my swim section to leave me in pain. Mike’s video and subsequent analysis suggested 3 things to focus on and some good drills and within just 1 week I am swimming faster and better still pain free. 100% recommend this service especially to swimmers who feel they have plateaued and want to get that little bit faster or just enjoy their swim again”

Lois Barmby Aged 39 Windrush Triathlon Club July 2015

I just wanted to say thanks again for the brilliant swimming lessons. They totally changed my swimming and I’m really hooked now. Also I managed to do the swim part of my triathlon in 8mins (400m) front crawl all the way, I was amazed.

Michelle Jensen London June 2015

Thanks a lot for the lesson the other day, I got a lot out of it! I would like to continue with lessons on a monthly basis. Marios I London June 2015

I was doing the swim part of a half ironman relay in Provence and managed it in 44 mins…very pleased with that. No panic either, and able to stretch out after the initial bit and even almost enjoy it Thanks again for all your support and guidance,

Kate F London June 2015

Thank you so much for Streamline Swims Fit Swim and the 1-2-1s which really made a difference. The swim was 15.07. I overtook 3 guys and one of them met me after so I recommended you!

Lois Barmby London May 2013

Thanks again for your help to date. It has been a massive help and it’s also been great to get to know you both. Harry Murphy London July 2013

Just a quick one to say thanks… For some much improved swim times. 2 weeks ago I got through my sprint distance (750m) at The Serpentine in 18mins And Olympic today (1500m) in 41mins. Both times I finished firmly mid-wave, unlike last year when I was second to last! More than anything, am feeling so much more confident in the open water, and actually managed to relax at points in today’s swim. Can honestly say it was my favourite leg of today race. (Bike and run brutally hilly, so the swim was a dream). Thanks for your coaching this summer so chuffed with the progress I’ve made.

Hannah B London July 2013

“Just to say I have compared my timed 400m swim today with one we did back in Jan. I am over the moon that I’ve taken 35 seconds off in just two months. Thanks for your help, I am really pleased with how it is going.”

David N London Feb 2015

“Sorry I’ve taken so long to get round to writing this, I’ve been meaning to all week!  Just thought you might like to know that two weeks before my half Ironman I went in for a last minute Olympic distance triathlon (Quintiles Reading triathlon) and came out of the 1.5k lake swim in 28:23. Then in the real thing (Challenge Weymouth Half) I came out of the slightly choppy 1.9k sea swim in 39:16.  Frankly I was delighted with both of those times, a far cry from struggling to get the breathing right for a single length of Brockwell Lido!  Thanks ever so much, huge progress over the last few months, largely down to your know-how.  If I ever find anyone in need of a swimming boost I’ll try to send them your way!”

Robbie Campbell September 2015

I just wanted to say thanks again for the brilliant swimming lessons. They totally changed my swimming and I’m really hooked now. Also I managed to do the swim part of my triathlon in 8mins (400m) front crawl all the way, I was amazed.

Michelle Jensen 2015

“It was an epiphany, beat half the swim wave and must have taken 40% off my PB. Thanks again” –

Willie Bennett 2012

Just wanted to say thanks so much for transforming my swimming the last few months! I finally made some progress in the castle Howard tri at the weekend. Maybe not very fast by most people’s standards but I’m delighted to say that I made a 37m 18s 1500 metres – first time ever under 40m – thanks once again for all the excellent tuition and encouragement and the helpful pep talk on weds eve

Cath Longbottom London July 2015

I did the 2.5 K for the Swimathon at Crystal Palace yesterday – yay! So thanks for all your help with getting my front crawl, my stamina and my over-all fitness level improved so I could achieve my goal. Looking forward to continuing to improve my swimming at swim fit with you.

Veronica M London April 2015

“Thank you both for the swim fit sessions, I am really enjoying them! It’s the most fun I have had swimming ever in my life”

Depika M London Jan 2015

“Dedicated and professional service – hard to beat”
Brit and Borge M

“If you get a chance to swim or train with Streamline Swims, I heartily recommend it”
Jenny L (The Guardian Swimming Blog Awards)