Swim Coaching

Beginners to Channel Swimmers

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We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, high quality service at a fair price. We offer expert individual or small-group coaching for adults.  With swim technique analysis, the latest drills and feedback; these personally tailored sessions are ideal for beginners, triathletes and open water swimmers of all abilities and will transform your swimming. Whether you are looking to learn to swim front crawl, improve your stroke, get ready for your first race or channel swim, Mike and Sarah will help you develop your efficiency, technique, and speed and provide support and guidance to help achieve your goals.

Sessions take place outdoors at Brockwell Lido April/May – October and indoors at Jags Sports Club October to May.


1-2-1 with Mike at Jags Sports Club £42 (30 mins)

1-2-1 with Sarah at Jags Sports Club £40 (30 mins)

1-2-1 with Mike at Brockwell Lido £42 (35 mins)

1-2-1 with Sarah at Brockwell Lido £40 (35 mins)

All prices include free entry to the pool.

For small groups sessions please email.

To book a session online please go to our website scheduling page, check Mike or Sarah’s online diary for availability and book.

When booking please chose session days and times carefully as we are not able to offer refunds for cancelled or rescheduled sessions.

For the last 8 months I’ve been swimming 3 days a week in prep for both a half & a full Ironman triathlon this summer. Despite following a training plan from an experience tri coach, my improvements have been very minimal.

I eventually decided I needed some lessons. I tried 2 different coaches who actually made me slower. Then third time lucky I booked a 1-1 lesson with Mike.
I had loads to work on, but Mike just focused on 3 simple areas where I could make improvements. After the lesson I swam some lengths – I immediately swam my fastest ever 100m and 500m (without swimming full gas)!
As soon as I got home I booked another 5 1-1’s. I’ve now completed 3 lessons in total. As it stands, over a half Ironman distance swim (1.9km) I’m around 4:30 faster. This is completely down to the simple, but affective lessons Mike has provided.
If you’ve got an event this year – Mike is your man! Marcus Connolly 2022

This morning was fantastic! I learnt heaps on how to improve my technique, thank you so much Sarah @streamlineswims. Jo Payne 2022

I had three 121 lessons with Lido Mike and it dramatically improved my technique. I felt completely at ease, there was no judgement, just a willingness to get me to the best of my ability within the time frame available. Cannot recommend enough and will be seeking out group lessons to continue improvement in the future. Anneka Dew

I’m not usually quick to recommend people, but on this occasion I can happily do so – I thoroughly recommend Mike – he’s very good. Only a couple of lessons with him made a huge difference to my front crawl. I couldn’t do half a length of the Lido before my first lesson. Four weeks later (after 3 lido lessons and 1 open water session) I managed the 1500m in open water in the London triathlon. This was all down to Mike sorting out my breathing (in a very short space of time). Not only is Mike a really nice bloke and a good teacher his rates are affordable too.” Nigel Hood 

“I completed my first Olympic Tri today. I found the 3 sessions so helpful….such a confidence booster. I would recommend your coaching to anyone.” Hannah Biscombe 

Had three lessons with Mike/Sarah and made the most amazing difference, cannot recommend highly enough. Vicki Prout

“Thanks Mike for the lesson yesterday. Great to have someone tell me where I am going right and where I am going wrong. Good to have something new to practice in the pool. Highly recommended” Tim Sutton 

Video Analysis 

New small group video analysis sessions

We believe the best way to identify areas for stroke correction is through video analysis. By filming from different angles above and below the water we can assess each swimmer, provide individual video footage plus written feedback from Lido Mike (level 3 swim coach) together with guidance and drills to practise that are specific to the areas needing improvement.

“I went to Streamline swims for a video analysis session  I knew I would get targeted and constructive advice to improve my stroke and with 3 weeks until the Isoman middle (5.6k swim, 50k bike, 21k run) I didn’t want my swim section to leave me in pain. Mike’s video and subsequent analysis provide 3 key things to focus on and some good drills and within just 1 week I am swimming faster, better and pain free. 100% recommend this service especially to swimmers who feel they have plateaued and want to get that little bit faster or just enjoy their swim again” Lois Barmby, Windrush Triathlon Club 

Long Distance Swim Training Programmes

We provide personalised swim training programmes for swimmers undertaking 5k plus swims. Plans are designed in consultation with the swimmer to ensure they are tailored to meet individual needs and goals.

“I’ve dramatically improved my front crawl through working on my technique and fitness with Mike. I am now 15 seconds faster over 100m and swimming feels smooth, fluid and enjoyable. Mike and Sarah really care and it has been fun as well as hard work.” Lucy July 2019

“I could not have achieved my goal of completing and English Channel Swim without the dedicated coaching provided by Mike at Streamline Swims. He corrected my technique, improved my fitness and built my confidence as a marathon swimmer through pool sessions, cross training and accompanying me on progressively longer open water swims. His commitment to my challenge was amazing, often going beyond what I would have expected. His support on the pilot boat will never be forgotten. Mike’s passion for swimming and the overall well being of the athlete is what makes his approach special. Thank you Mike !!!” Simon October 2014

Please call or email to discuss your requirements.
Tel: 07770261809

“After thirty eight years of attempting to swim front crawl Mike taught me the correct stroke and how to breathe in only three sessions.” 

Tina McKenzie

“Mike and Sarah are very supportive.

They really know their stuff. 

Jessica Harneyford

“Great swimming coaching with Streamline Swims at Brockwell Lido. Friendly approach. Mike and Sarah have made a huge difference to my technique and I have enjoyed my swimming all the more. Thanks!” Dan Hollas 

Simon post successful Channel Swim